Pronouns and Bathrooms: Supporting Transgender Students

High school can be a challenging experience for any student, but this is especially true for our transgender and gender-nonconforming students. Although many children are beginning to define and understand gender in fluid terms, these trends do not suggest that all transgender students feel supported by their teachers, administrators, and peers during high school.  Read more here

Rethinking Tolerance: Ensuring That All Students Belong

I’ve always disliked the connotation of the word "tolerance" in schools because it reflects the language of a segregated society. We can tolerate the smell of ten-day-old sushi, but are we really addressing the problems of society by teaching our students to simply tolerate one another? Read more here

The 21st-Century Socrates: How to Implement a Powerful Hybrid Classroom Model

Throughout our first few months of team-teaching using Skype and a thirty dollar webcam to connect our two schools, we were extremely frustrated with our inability to incorporate Socratic seminars in World Dynamics. World Dynamics is a blended-curriculum course between two classrooms, twenty-three miles apart, where Earth Environmental Science, World History, and English I are taught simultaneously in order to give students a contextual understanding of the world. Read more here